The British in the Countryside

Shockingly poor weather still in the UK, albeit late May. Had to get out anyway, so went off to the Otley show in West Yorkshire. Otley is an old town on the north side of Leeds / Bradford, pushing towards the rugged countryside that lies north. They’ve held a ‘show’ here for 200+ years and it is mostly an agricultural type show with awards for best livestock, etc.
Next post I’ll show some animals in detail, but now I’m just showing a few candid shots of the countryside dress code, which mainly consist of ‘Wellington’ boots and wax and tweed jackets.

01 (2).JPG02 (1).JPG03 (2).JPG04.JPG

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  1. greigos May 31, 2012 at 01:11 #

    This is great. Love the first and third ones. Very whimsical yet very appropriate rendering of both the individualism and local sameness, while at the same time hinting at much earnest interaction.

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