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Relaxed Pooch

I haven’t been out to too many events this year, unfortunately, due to the piss poor weather over the Summer in England and various other reasons.

Thus posting on the blog has been fairly minimal —

Today though, the sun was shining and I saw this super light coming through the window. This together with our pooch made a decent shot I think…


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It’s actually been very nice in England the last week or so.. Went up to Durham for something the other day and had a bit of time to walk around this quaint little university town.  A few grabs shots were taken. I like the chaos of the first shot. I first focused on the old ladies chowing down on their ice-creams but looking at it overall I like the juxapostion of all the characters in the shot.
2nd one I’ll just title ‘The Thinker’…..


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