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Old Woman on a Bench

The weather has been shockingly wet and depressing in northern England lately. I haven’t got out to shoot the mean streets anywhere near as much as I’d like to have done by now, so I’ll post another old shot recently scanned from the archives.
Another historical shot from Denver, Colorado – Spring 1984 – an old woman lost in her own thoughts. Pretty good quality being scanned in from a print. I recall this one was a pain to print in the first place as it was that extra ‘last shot’ at the end of the roll and some of the original negative was a bit rough and missing (may even been a horizontal originally) being that 37th shot that shouldn’t have been taken.
I’m glad I managed to pull it off.

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Went to North Wales for a few days. The weather was better than expected which is a plus.. There was even a risk of sunburn on my scalp on one day! We did some castle hunting, crabbing on the pier, people watching and more. Most shots are in Conwy and Beaumaris, but we were based in sleepy Llandudno.


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