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Morecambe Jubilee Street Party I

There’s one thing you can’t count on in Britain…. and that’s the weather. It’s the Diamond Jubilee this weekend; 60 years Queen Elizabeth has been on the throne.  The Brits have a 4 day weekend to celebrate and it looks as if our token few days of decent weather have already been granted for Spring – so now we’re back to semi-normal weather, cool, grey and wet. Of the hundreds of street parties scheduled  for the celebrations across the country, most were for today. And the weather really couldn’t have been worse.

I chose to go to one on England’s west coast, in Morecambe, Lancashire as they were trying for a record breaking party on the promenade. Have a look at the brave residents who came out in style.. More in Post II.


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Morecambe Jubilee Street Party II

There’s one thing you can’t count on in Britain….and that’s the weather. Here are some more street party scenes at Morecambe in Lancashire celebrating the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee.

See Morecambe post I for more…..



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